GPS Hiking Tracks: Grassi Lakes hike

We got out hiking to the Grassi Lakes hike and set down a GPS Hiking Tracks.  This hike is from page 53 in Lina Pianosi’s book.  Grassi Lakes is by Canmore, past the Nordic Centre.

Here is the Grassi Lakes GPS Hiking Tracks for the ‘easy’ option of the trail to the first lake.

3.4 km with 270 m elevation gain.  We spent just over an hour on the trail, there and back, but it could be a much longer hike with little ones walking and exploring.

It was an easy enjoyable hike – very short.  At least short compared to the trails I did before Hiking Baby arrived.  I’ll have to get use to the shorter hikes to accommodate feeding / napping routines.

I was carrying Hiking Baby with a front carrier, but there were many families on the trail with small children walking.  It is quite a popular hike for families with small children.

The water in the lake was superbly clear and we could see fish swimming around.

There are even a few benches around the lake for resting and sitting down for a snack.

This is also a popular place for rock climbing.  We saw two climber scaling the rock face.

Grassi Lakes - map










Grassi Lakes - Lake










Grassi Lakes - climber










Grassi Lakes GPS Hiking Tracks

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  • Iik:

    12 bird tracking has the been the csounmer-grade standard for Garmin for many years. No reason to back-track now. If there’s any logic to Garmin’s model numbering scheme, it’s internal to the company. They’ve never used year designators before, and I doubt they’d start now. An individual model has a multi-year lifespan, so why make it seem obsolete after a few months?They did use incremental numbering with the old GPS line. The GPS-II was followed by the GPS-II+, eventually leading to the GPS-V (but I don’t think there was ever a GPS-IV). But they haven’t done that sort of thing for years now.

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