GPS Hiking Tracks: Carburn Park

I got out yesterday to record a GPS Hiking Track  at Carburn Park.  It was a beautiful sunny day with the temperature just above freezing at +2C.

Directions for starting point of GPS Hiking Track: Carburn Park

Carburn Park is in Calgary SE.  From Glenmore Trail, go south on 18th Street to Rivervalley Drive SE and turn right (at the Riverbend Community Association Building) then continue to Riverview Drive SE and turn left.  Continue down Riverview Drive SE and the park entrance in on the right.

I started the GPS Hiking Track at the park entrance and walked by the skating ice surface that the city has set up on the first pond.  I walked around the 2nd pond.  I did not circle the 3rd pond.  Hope to get to that another time.

The city has set up a skating rink on the first pond at Carburn Park.  That is new this year!  It looks great and there is a set of stairs with skate guard material on the steps leading down to the ice surface.  There are also some temporary flood lights set up to illuminate the area after dark.  The lights and stairs are located right next to the public washrooms at the park.

Carburn Park GPS Hiking Tracks

For more information on Carburn Park, see the city of Calgary’s website.

The paths are plowed by the city and are relatively clear. There were some snowy patches in the shady areas of the path, but I felt secure in my footing and didn’t worry about slipping.

Quick highlight of GPS Hiking Track

It was 1.9 km round trip and took about 30 min.  It was pretty much flat with no significant hills up or down.

Carburn Park GPS Hiking Tracks

My companion for the walk to record the GPS Hiking Track

Hiking Baby (HB) was securely attached to me in my Ergo (soft structured carrier: SSC). I wore HB on my front so I could also wear my jacket and keep us both warm. I have been experimenting with different strap positions for the Ergo and I have found that with the front carry it is much more comfortable to have the straps in a crossback style.  It gets the weight distributed more evenly across my core rather than just on my shoulders.

HB was comfortable and warm and fell asleep for most of the walk.

Carburn Park GPS Hiking Tracks


Here is a photo of me and HB. HB is asleep and I have the sleeping hood on the carrier snapped in on one side. The ice rink at Carburn Park is in the background.






Have you been outside hiking or walking or even skating this winter?  What is your favorite trail?  Have you recorded any GPS Hiking Tracks?

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  • In June 2013 there was flooding in Calgary as the Elbow and Bow Rivers overflowed their banks. Carburn park was underwater. About a month later, Carburn park has finally re-opened. I went and checked it out yesterday. Looks like the mud has been cleared off the paths and one section of path was re-paved. The picnic areas and fit pits are still are cordoned off. We might have to wait until next summer for those to re-open.

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